A complete system customized to your needs

MedicalPad has been documenting patient transport, rescue and emergency doctor reports in digitalized form for many years. It covers the entire processing chain from the initial alert through entry of emergency and patient data to the capture of logistical vehicle and billing information, plus the documentation of treatment steps with plausibility checks.

For years we have maintained close contact with the emergency personnel who use MedicalPad on the job every day. With their input we design user navigation specifically for the conditions at the scene of an emergency. Documentation standards required by emergency medical services are fully integrated in the user-friendly MedicalPad software.

With additional feedback from our long-term cooperation partners, we incorporate all currently available incident management, invoicing and bookkeeping systems in our application. In addition to the integration of diverse medical devices, customers can choose from a broad portfolio of supplemental modules.

MedicalPad is the right choice if you are looking to optimize work flows in emergency medical services and at the scene of an emergency.

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intuitive use

The simple and fast entry of emergency response-related data under five different navigation options helps the user learn the system quickly so that the patient always remains the focus of attention.

customized for you

We customize the MedicalPad to meet the needs of each customer. You decide which information is relevant. Via central administration you can make changes to master data, field names, cascades and drop-down menus at any time.


We have developed several supplemental modules that simplify your day-to-day work. 

realiable documentation

Mandatory fields, plausibility checks and improved legibility increase documentation quality and decrease the number of rejects in subsequent billing. Pre-defined cascading drop-down menus for emergency response descriptions or medical treatment make selective analyses possible.

device integration

MedicalPad is also equipped to capture vital parameters from medical devices (MEDUMAT Transport, corpuls³, LIFEPAK 15 and X-Series) via interfaces certified by the manufacturer. Important patient information is incorporated directly in the documentation by means of the integrated card reader. 


Benefit from the Tech2go Team's many years of experience. From the incident alert to the invoice, we offer you complete, customized solutions for emergency medical services. Our development location in Hamburg, Germany, promises short distances, quick coordination during implementation and complete support of the system customized for you.


A complete system tailored to your needs
Reliability in the implementation and integration in your systems
Experience from more than 15.000 protocols recorded daily
Continuous product development for your emergency services of tomorrow
Development site Hamburg with short ways and quick decision-making

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