Invoicing made easy with MedicalPad

Efficiently integrated in the documentation process, our invoicing module seamlessly fits into the MedicalPad system. We developed the program in close collaboration with our customer whose practical experience results in the following benefits for you:


intuitive operation

The uniform GUI makes it possible for users to work quickly and without error. With the global research function, you can use filters and search options to find patient reports and invoices in the database and remain well-informed at all times.

standard data records

The central database for all MedicalPad solutions eliminates the need for redundant data records. Master data such as cost carrier, employees, charges and response data are entered once and then shared by all software solutions.

efficient processes

From the invoicing software, a patient report containing incorrect data or lacking some information can be electronically returned along with a note to the report author for correction. Time-consuming research and telephoning back and forth are no longer required.

immediate invoicing

The invoicing software has immediate access to the electronic patient report at the end of an incident and can generate an invoice without delay.

customized interfaces

The MedicalPad Invoicing module can be integrated in any financial accounting system. The incorporation of various ambulance services is guaranteed by the multi-client capability of our MedicalPad Invoicing.

multi-client capability

When different emergency medical services merge within MedicalPad, the varied invoicing procedures can be mapped by means of the system's multi-client capability.

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